GABRIELA, 25 years from SALTILLO, Mexico

  Spanish(Native), English(A2)
 15 Jan 2018 - 30 Oct 2019
 12 - 18 Months
 Jan 2020
 Big City, Suburb
 1-2 Year, 3-6 Year, 7-10 Year
 Yes, with the mother

Infant Qualified

Gabriela (Gaby) is an active and creative 24y old Au Pair from Mexico who speaks Spanish and English. She has 3 older siblings who already have children themselves. Gaby loves to spend time with her little nephews. She has experiences with children from newborns through 10y old children and has been working as a babysitter and as a nanny already. When she watched kids she liked to teach them about a healthy lifestyle and tried to introduce them to healthy foods such as vegetables. She also helped some children with their homework. Gaby is first aid trained and has her driver’s license since 2016 and is driving daily. In her free time she likes to exercise and to dance.

Care Experience

Would you take care of a special needs child? Yes

Have experiences in taking care of a special needs child? No

With which age group do you have experience
None Poor Intermediate A lot of
1-2 Year
3-6 Year
7-10 Year
11-14 Year
15 Year+

What kind of experience do you have in child care?
None Poor Intermediate A lot of
Changing Diapers
Putting children to bed
Preparing Meals
Reading books

Details of your experiences

Experience and duration Age and name of the children Number Gender Total hours
01/04/2016 - 12/29/2016
Andrea 2 years and Leo 3 years 2 Both 1404
08/04/2014 - 08/28/2015
Eliud 9 years and Axel 10 years 2 Male 1248
01/30/2012 - 02/22/2013
Rocio 1 years. 1 Female 1400

Have you been an au pair abroad before No

What kind of experience do you have in house work?
None Poor Intermediate A lot of
Cleaning up
Doing laundry
Preparing Snacks

If you have any other Child Care Experience we should know of, please describe them
During my studies at the University, I took care of two children, 7 and 8 years old. They were my company in the afternoons for several months. With them, I learned many things. We would do the tasks together, practice the multiplications tables, watch TV and prepare delicious desserts to spend the afternoon.
They learned to read with greater agility, they expanded their vocabulary and learned new manners. They did not like vegetables very much and after so much insistence and different dishes ended up accepting them. They were children who ate many sweets, and in my house, they understood that it was not good to eat so much of that, that it was better a fruit or gelatin. We slept when it was necessary for them to stay home; sometimes we go to amusement parks, museums and even the super market.
This experience was very good, I knew what tolerance was with children and how important it is to teach them good things because they absorb everything you teach them. Now they attend soccer classes in the afternoons so it was no longer necessary to take care of them, but I keep in touch with them and I know they are still extraordinary children.

Later, when I finished my studies, I started working for a company, and took care of two little brothers in the afternoons. Andrea 2 years and Leo 3. It was not easy, I always managed to keep them busy because sometimes they missed their parents and it was inevitable that they would cry. However, I found the way to entertain them and sometimes they wanted to stay with me even though their parents were waiting for them. They learned many games, songs and magic tricks; at dinnertime, we played games so that everything could be finished. Andrea left the diaper and learned to tell when to go to the bathroom. Leo attended school, and always made sure he practiced the words in English. They were very intelligent and loving children. I will always carry them in my heart.

Even though I am not in charge of children now, I take care of my nephews when necessary. They have been my greatest learning, watching them grow has been the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. Everyone is different, everyone has different tastes and being of different ages it is always necessary to create new ways to spend time with them. The biggest challenge is to prepare the food. Not everyone likes the same things and it is not easy to try nutritious things, so that has been the greatest achievement, to learn to eat new things. They spend many hours in my house so it is inevitable not to be accustomed to them, their laughter, their cries and their company.


What is your native language? Spanish

How good is your level of foreign languages?

Language Level Studied language for Comments/Certificate
- English Elementary (A2) 2 Year/s

Driving skills

Do you have a driving licence? Yes, with experience

Since when you are driving Feb 2016

How often do you drive? Daily

You have experience with driving in The City, The Motorway

You have experience driving a car with Automatic Transmission

Additional knowledge and skills

Did you attend a first-aid training? Yes

What is your swimming level? Beginner

Are you able to ride a bicycle? Yes

Can you do horse riding? No

Do you play any musical instruments? No

Do you play sports? Yes

If you have any other areas of knowledge or skills, please describe them below:

Please describe your hobbies
I am a very active person and I like to be busy all the time. In the afternoon, I usually go to the gym or swimming lessons, I really like to exercise. I enjoy spending time with my friends; we get together for dinner or watching a movie. I am very fan of the TV series and I like going to the movies.
I love to dance, when I am with my nephews we dance together even though there is no background music.

I have a lot of creativity to write, what I like to write is essays and letters. I recognize that I enjoy a very good memory so it is very difficult for me to forget something important.

I am very interested in learning about the different cultures that are in each country, I like meeting people and making new friends.


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