Natia IQ, 23 years from Tbilisi, Georgia (ID 1165829)

Georgian(Native), English(B2), German(A2), Russian(A1)

01 Jul 2022 - 01 Jul 2023

12 - 24 Months

Dec 2024

Big City, Suburb, Town, Village, Countryside

1-2 Year, 3-6 Year, 7-10 Year, 11-14 Year, 15 Year+

Yes, with the mother



Infant Qualified (1,120 documented hours)
Documented hours with children over 2y: 2,200h
Maximum number of children to care for: 3
Driving occasionally, driver’s license since September 2016 (driving since July 2016)

Fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine
Participated in the Work and Travel Program in the US for 3m before

Natia is a caring and organized 23y old Au Pair from Georgia who speaks Georgian, English and some Russian and German. She has 1 sibling who is older. Natia has experience with children from 1 through 15+y old. She has been working as a babysitter for 2 families. Natia has her drivers license since September 2016 but is driving since July 2016 already. She is driving occasionally. She plays the piano and panduri and in her free time she likes to watch movies, to cook and to spend time with friends.

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