Claudia Marisol, 25 years from Iztapalapa, Mexico

  Spanish(Native), English(B2), French(A2)
 01 May 2019 - 31 Dec 2021
 12 - 24 Months
 Dec 2021
 Big City, Suburb, Town, Village, Countryside
 3-6 Year, 7-10 Year, 11-14 Year, 15 Year+
 Yes, with any of them

Infant Qualified

Claudia is an open-minded and patient 25y old Au Pair from Mexico who speaks Spanish, English and some French. She has one sibling who is younger. Claudia has experience with newborns as well as with children from 3 through 15+y old. She has been a babysitter for a family from 2013-2019, a nanny and also has been a group leader for a girl scouts group. Claudia is first aid trained, has her drivers license since July 2013 and she is driving on a weekly basis. In her free time she likes to play volleyball, soccer, to go camping, swimming, to read, cook or to spend time outdoors.

Video Presentation:

Care Experience

Would you take care of a special needs child? No

Have experiences in taking care of a special needs child? No

With which age group do you have experience
None Poor Intermediate A lot of
1-2 Year
3-6 Year
7-10 Year
11-14 Year
15 Year+

What kind of experience do you have in child care?
None Poor Intermediate A lot of
Changing Diapers
Putting children to bed
Preparing Meals
Reading books

Details of your experiences

Experience and duration Age and name of the children Number Gender Total hours
12/2013 - 03/2019
Leonardo, since 5 years old to 9 and a half y. o. fĂștbol soccer, Preparing meals, english classes 1 Male 3600
2018 - 2019
Isabella, since born to 7 months. Twice per week I take care her with her mothers supervition. 1 Female 600

Have you been an au pair abroad before No

What kind of experience do you have in house work?
None Poor Intermediate A lot of
Cleaning up
Doing laundry
Preparing Snacks

If you have any other Child Care Experience we should know of, please describe them
I was a scouter, Scout Camp Counselor, for about 1 year, on Saturdays I was in charge of 4 Boys and girls of ages 5-8 years old.
Scouting was the second step on mi Scout life, when I was 22 years old because all my life I was Scout since 4 years old.
I went to differents activities like camping, museums, Parks, with mi little crew.
In my photo album you could see some of my Scouts children, called Biebers.


What is your native language? Spanish

How good is your level of foreign languages?

Language Level Studied language for Comments/Certificate
- English Upper intermediate (B2) 8 Year/s All my life I have studied English at the school
- French Elementary (A2) 6 Year/s I have a Text Comprehension Certifica te on french language

Driving skills

Do you have a driving licence? Yes, with experience

Since when you are driving Jul 2013

How often do you drive? Weekly

You have experience with driving in The City, The Countryside, The Motorway

You have experience driving a car with Manual and Automatic Transmission

Additional knowledge and skills

Did you attend a first-aid training? Yes

What is your swimming level? Good

Are you able to ride a bicycle? Yes

Can you do horse riding? Yes

Do you play any musical instruments? No

Do you play sports? Yes

Volleyball, futbol soccer, camping, swimming (natation)

If you have any other areas of knowledge or skills, please describe them below:
I'm an avid reader, a great storyteller, I really like cooking healthy, I don't have fear of heights, I really enjoy outdoor activities.
I 'M very patient with the interest of Kids to know or to explore differents sports or some relative activities.

Please describe your hobbies
I enjoy reading, I have always been a voracious reader, my hobbie has made me develop analytical thinking an open-mindedness.
I really enjoy making some aerodinamic excersice to the Gym, like zumba classes, functional training, running, cycling class.
I like to see YouTube lifestyle videos, makeup artist, traveling bloggers, english helpful classes, and healthy couches preparation meals, some of they vegan.
I am a very fanatic of camping.


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