Lizeth Melissa, 19 years from Rionegro, Colombia

  Spanish(Native), English(B1)
 20 Nov 2019 - 20 Feb 2020
 12 - 18 Months
 Feb 2021
 Big City, Suburb, Town
 3-6 Year, 7-10 Year, 11-14 Year, 15 Year+
 Yes, with any of them

Infant Qualified

Lizeth Melissa is an extrovert and creative 19y old Au Pair from Colombia who speaks Spanish and English. She has 1 sibling who is younger. Lizeth has experience with children from 10m through 15+y. She has been babysitting for 2 families and she also has been an intern at a kindergarten for different groups. Lizeth is first aid trained, has her drivers license since March 2017 and she is driving daily. In her free time she likes to cook, do arts and crafts, play tennis or volleyball, to bike, watch movies or to go camping.

Video Presentation:

Care Experience

Would you take care of a special needs child? No

Have experiences in taking care of a special needs child? No

With which age group do you have experience
None Poor Intermediate A lot of
1-2 Year
3-6 Year
7-10 Year
11-14 Year
15 Year+

What kind of experience do you have in child care?
None Poor Intermediate A lot of
Changing Diapers
Putting children to bed
Preparing Meals
Reading books

Details of your experiences

Experience and duration Age and name of the children Number Gender Total hours
July 30th/ 2018 - November 30th/ 2018
Salomé Gómez (8 years old) 1 Female 450
January 14th/ 2019 - May 3rd/ 2019
Sebastián Alejandro Saldarriaga (1 years old) 1 Male 480
Internship kindergarten
February 5th/ 2018 - June 8th/ 2018
1 - 4 years old 15 Both 720
Internship kindergarten
August 14th/ 2019 - August 29th/ 2019
10 months - 5 years old >20 Both 36

Have you been an au pair abroad before No

What kind of experience do you have in house work?
None Poor Intermediate A lot of
Cleaning up
Doing laundry
Preparing Snacks

If you have any other Child Care Experience we should know of, please describe them


What is your native language? Spanish

How good is your level of foreign languages?

Language Level Studied language for Comments/Certificate
- English Intermediate (B1) 2 Year/s I studied English with a foreign teacher in a private school. Then I started to take private lessons with another teacher abroad by approximately two years and a few months

Driving skills

Do you have a driving licence? Yes, with experience

Since when you are driving Mar 2017

How often do you drive? Daily

You have experience with driving in The City, The Countryside, The Motorway

You have experience driving a car with Manual and Automatic Transmission

Additional knowledge and skills

Did you attend a first-aid training? Yes

What is your swimming level? Good

Are you able to ride a bicycle? Yes

Can you do horse riding? Yes

Do you play any musical instruments? No

Do you play sports? Yes

If you have any other areas of knowledge or skills, please describe them below:
I am a person who has a lot of manual skills, considering that I have good motor skills, cooking, doing construction activities with different objects, paper, cardboard, scissors, crayons, markers, wood, etc. All kinds of crafts. However, in the field of social skills, I am a very good socializing and making interpersonal relations, this is because I like to meet new people and my personality is extroverted. I have good capacities at the time of empathy, decision-making, and management of problems and conflicts in the moments that require the necessary maturity like I have good skills at the time of using critical thinking. I am also a woman to be able to express myself creative, inventive and imaginative way. In addition to good leadership ability and help others.

Please describe your hobbies
I consider myself a person with many hobbies, this because I get bored easily of things, then I like to do all kinds of activities to spend enjoyable. Sometimes I go out with my best friend and we play tennis or volleyball for hours because we like to do a lot of sport, riding a bike or we just love to watch movies together and eating popcorn. To me, personally, I love to read, and in fact, I have too many books, both physical and digital, then sometimes devoted my evenings to read. I am a person very adventurous, I like to travel to new places to visit. I love to make excursions, trekking or camping and sometimes I go fishing with my brother. I love doing all kinds of crafts, and in my house, there are small sculptures that I myself have painted and decorated. With my friends went out to play billiards, bowling, aqua park, natural parks, amusement parks, or just to get something to eat and spend time together. I belong to groups of leadership because I love helping others, and in fact in this type of groups I know a lot of people who leave large footprints in me, with these groups of leadership I have attended many foundations where I can perceive other types of environments that, although they are sometimes a bit cruel, you fill the soul in a way that is rewarding and you become a better human being. In general, I like to do everything by my instinct adventurer, besides the fact that I consider myself to be risky and i like to try and feel all kinds of new experiences.


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