Gloria Andrea IQ, 22 years from Tunja, Colombia (ID 1162623)

Spanish(Native), English(B1)

01 Jun 2022 - 01 Jan 2023

12 Months

Jun 2023

Big City, Town, Village, Countryside

3-6 Year, 7-10 Year, 11-14 Year

Yes, with any of them



Infant Qualified (336 documented hours)
Documented hours with children over 2y: 1,288h
Documented hours with family members: 240h
Open to work with children with Special Needs
Maximum number of children to care for: 3
Driving weekly, driver’s license since August 2021 (driving since April 2016)

Fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine

Gloria Andrea is an open-minded and happy 22y old Au Pair from Colombia who speaks Spanish and English. She has 1 sibling who is older. Gloria has experience with children from 1 through 14y old. She has been working as a teacher, tutor and as a nanny for 2 families. She has also taken care of a younger family member. Gloria is first aid trained, has her drivers license since August 2021 but she is driving since April 2016 already. She is driving weekly. In her free time she likes to play tennis or basketball, to read, listen to music, swim, draw, paint, dance and to cook.

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